When a mother is taking care of her child, everychoice she makes affects the baby, wether it be excerise, work, eating food or wether it be the choice to smoke, to take illegal drugs, to drink alcohol. Below are a number of the things that affect a Baby the most, which is the Mother's choice.

How Alcohol provokes Birth Defects: When an adult drinks alcohol, their liver can break down the alcohol but when a pregnant woman drinks alcohol, it passes straight past the liver and goes straight to the fetus, where the baby is growing. The fetus cannot break down alcohol at all. Babies that have been exposed to large amounts of alcohol have facial abnormalities, heart defects and may have brain problems that cause sight and hearing difficulties. This can be the result of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS)

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How Smoking provokes Birth Defects: When a pregnant woman smokes she immediently is letting nicotine enter her babies blood stream therefore the baby is a nicotine addict already and hasn't been born yet. If smoking is continuous, the fetus may have restricted oxygen and this can lead up to growth problems, brain problems and problems with development. If a baby is born to a smoker, the chances are the baby is already dead or it dies within a couple of days. If this does not happen, the baby is more likely to be born with a low weight and or months prematture.

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How Illegal Drugs provokes Birth Defects: When an addicted pregnant woman takes illegal drugs she is forcing this decision onto her unborn child, therefore making this baby become addicted to this. Most illegal drugs provoke miscarriages, stillborns and premature births. As soon as the baby is born and their supply of the drug is cut off, they go into the same stages as a human when they crave the drug.

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How Food affects the way a baby grows: Many foods hold bad bacteria, such as some chicken, prepared and chilled meals etc. This bacteria is a bacteria that a human adult body can break down, but when a pregnany woman eats this the bacteria attacks the baby. This can be fatal to the mother and the baby.

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How Exercise affects the way a baby grows: If a pregnant woman exercises too much (as in more than 3 hours a day) it is known to have effect their babies by them having a low birth rate.

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A Mother's health also affects the unborn baby, if she has low blood sugar the baby can have deformed ears, fingers and toes. If a Mother has Pre-eclampsia, this can cause premature births. Other health problems could risk the life of the baby if they have not been looked over by a doctor.