Positives and Negatives of Birth Defects and Pregnancy

There are many aspects of this but i'll be addressing the positives and negatives of Pregnancy and Birth Defects.

Negatives of Birth Defects: Normally people who have children with Birth Defects are depressed or upset, because of what has happened, also they may be thinking if they did the right thing by their child (thinking what would have happened if they didn't proceed with the pregnancy). A negative result of Birth Defects is that they normally cost a fair bit of payment, for treatment and towards research for cures. As the child grows up, they may be prone to bullying and they not want to be treated differently. Also another negative would be the life line of the child with the birth defect, it not only impacts the child, but it also impacts family and friends.

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But let's not forget about the positives.

Positives of Birth Defects: Although this may seem as if this is a horrible thing to overcome, there is always some light in problems. There is always fundraising going on for Birth Defects and with modern technology; scientists are coming one step closer to finding cures. Although the financial crisis of this may be a burden, there are other families like that and they help each other out, fundraising is a great idea to help with money. School could be a bit hard sometimes, but if there is a school that caters for the needs of the child then, what is there to worry about?

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Negatives of Pregnancy: If teen pregnancy is the issue, then education might have to be put on hold and doors may closed. The child may be unwanted by the parents and due to the parents, they may be abused. Also the parent (if in the teenage situation) may be teased because of what they have done. Pregnancy may also be the result of rape or unwanted sexual actions. The person may not want children because of work and travel.

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Positives of Pregnancy: The positive is that you have created a new life, you have brought a new life into this world to seek out the wonderful things life have in store for it. Although it may be scary watching them grow up, it would be worth the while. We are all children ourselves and don't we treasure our parents more than anything? They brought us here into this world, into this life and although life seems a bit unfair at times, it would be worthwhile to see a child grow up, knowing you helped.

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