A normal pregnancy is when there are no complications within the pregnancy period of time and there are no complications within the conception and birth of the child. It basically depends on the person who is having the child and their family history. Due to many causes of the outside environment, it is vital that in the first 12 weeks of the baby being in the uterus that it is kept safe, it is most vulnerable at this time and if harmed, it can make living for this very living organism hard, stressful, not only for the fetus but for the mother as well. These are the monthly steps of pregnancy.

Month One: The cells of the egg and sperm create the embryo and the embryo sticks to the lining of the uterus. This embryo has already started to receive its legs and arms as well as the heart, liver and digestive system.

external image 1stMonth.gif

Month Two: Most of the major organs have developed and blood has started being pumped around by the heart, the brain has started to grow and the arms and legs are budding out.

external image 2ndMonth.gif

Month Three: The embryo has changed and is now called a living fetus, bones are starting to form, muscles are developing and the reproductive systems are being developed, fingers, toes and eyelids are formed.

external image 3months.gif

Month Four: All of the organs have finished growing, hair is being grown and finger nails are being formed as well as teeth in the gum.

external image 4thMonth.gif

Month Five: The baby can start hearing muffled sounds, hair is growing on the head. The mother can feel its fetus move; the baby has started sucking its thumb.

external image 5thMonth.gif

Month Six: Fingerprints are visible, the baby will start to open its eyes, the lungs will start to mature and the bones are hardening.

external image 6thMonth.gif

Month Seven: The brain is nearly stopped growing, tastebuds are forming and there is less room for the baby to move.external image 7thMonth.gif

Month Eight: The lungs are fully mature, the baby might get the hiccups and if born prematurely it has a good chance of survival.

external image 8thMonth.gif

Month Nine: The baby is ready to be born (delivered) and the lungs are working well.

external image 9thMonth.gif